May 31, 2013

Myth or Miracle Cleaner Series: Scrub Your Bath Tub Like Martha

Homemade Bath Scrub Myth or Miracle Cleaner | Tried & Twisted

I grew up in the generation that associated Martha Stewart less with domestic perfection and more with Saturday Night Life sketches and jailbird punch lines. I'm thinking that I may perhaps owe her an apology...

At the beginning of the month, I asked for suggestions for a Mystery Homemade Cleaner to be featured at the end of the month and Kim Vealy from the Soliloquy of Food & Such was good enough to suggest a bath tub scrub made from baking soda that she learned from Martha Stewart

Since I had unfinished business with my old rental bath tub with 20-some years of stains that weren't quite eliminated by a basic homemade cleaner, I thought I'd give this heavy hitting bath scrub a try.

So, I put Martha's scrub to the test to see if I can't clear away that yucky stain without calling an was considered my final option.
1 cup baking soda 
1 teaspoon dish soap
1/4 cup water (just enough to make a paste)
Drop of essential oil for scent (optional)
Scrub brush

Step 1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl or dish.

Step 2. Apply to the surface of the bath tub near the stain or problem area. Test out a small area first to make sure the abrasion doesn't harm your bath tub finish. It should work fine for fiberglass bath tubs.

Step 3. Scrub over the stain with the brush. Rinse with water.

It may take a little effort, but it's worth it because it works!

Baking Soda Bath Scrub | Tried & Twisted

The paste looks a lot like toothpaste. Be careful not to get any paste on your scrub brush handle or you'll get a free exfoliation for your hands too in the process. Ouch!

Homemade Baking Soda Bath Scrub Lessens Stains | Tried & Twisted

Rating of Difficulty: 2 out of 5.  This bath scrub is super easy to mix up, but unlike a lot of other homemade cleaners featured on this month's series, you can't just let is soak and do all of the work for you. This cleaning method makes you put your back into it. 
Cheap: Two ingredients are all you have to buy and chances are you already have them lying around your house. If you're paying for bottled water for scrubbing your bath tub, then we need to talk.

Martha does call for full cup of baking soda to be used, but if you are spot cleaning like I did, then you may only need a 1/2 cup. That will save a little monies too.

Green? This homemade cleaner is non-toxic, but it is not 100% eco-friendly if you're aiming for something with a minimum footprint on the earth. Still, this does seem to be a pretty good alternative to harsh chemicals.

Verdict: SNL may owe Martha an apology. At the very least, she's earned the worldwide respect that comes from outdoing 20-years of damage, all of the previous tenants' best effort, and all the home cleaning products in my cabinet. While the line is still slightly visible, I have to strain my little old eyes to see it, so this cleaner is a winner for me. 

Thanks for joining me for my Myth or Miracle Cleaner series to kick start your spring cleaning! Feel free to keep sharing your tricks and tips, so we can all learn a little more about keeping a clean house on a small budget. 

Sneak Peak!
I have another month-long series prepared for you for June. Several guests will be joining the month-long party. Oh, the mystery and excitement of the unknown! You'll have to come back next Friday to find out what the topic is. Have a happy weekend living in suspense. 

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  1. this paste is great, i use it all around the house. for tougher porcelain stains i sprinkle cream of tartar and scrub with a lemon. much better than any product i have ever used!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I love how well the DIY cleaners work!

  2. Thanks for the cleaner recipe and info! Great to know! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday! Love having you party with us!! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof


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