June 27, 2013

Getting Social & BlogLovin' Pros and Cons


Tried & Twisted is celebrating its 6-month anniversary!

I've had a lot of fun sharing my crafty and baking experience with you all, and I've been thrilled to meet so many fun and inspiring ladies and gents from literally all corners of the globe! 

Let's Get Social!
So to celebrate this little milestone, I've added social media buttons above my header (courtesy of Carrie Loves) to make it easier to connect and get to know all of you fantastic people who stop by...boring people can wait at the door.

You can find me at:
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But wait, there's more...


Did you know Google Reader is being shut down? True story (see here). 

The blog world has been buzzing about this for months, trying to find new homes for feed readers and social connections. Whatever network you choose, remember to make the switch before Google Reader closes its doors on July 1st, 2013.

That goes double for you awesome peeps that chose to follow me. I don't wanna lose a single one of you. I'll get lonely.

So What Are My Options?
Google Plus is an obvious choice, since Google closed the door on Reader to push people into G+.

Feedly, Digg, and StumbleUpon have all gotten good reviews as well, although I haven't personally had a chance to check them all out yet. 

BlogLovin' was my first pick and it has been an easy transition. Here's why.

BlogLovin' lists the latest posts so we can quickly view the latest post
and click to expand each post for easy reading.

  • BlogLovin' automatically transferred all of my subscriptions from GoogleReader. Easy! Here's a good tutorial explaining how you can do the same (here).
  • BlogLovin' has a simple, streamline design which is quick to learn. Home takes you to your subscriptions or you can browse by most popular post or by most popular blog in any number of categories to explore and find something new. 
  • BlogLovin' can sort your subscriptions into groups, mark each post or whole groups as read/unread, favorite, like, tweet, or pin each post directly from the reader.
  • For Bloggers: BlogLovin' lets you connect your profile to your blog and offers buttons for easy promotion on your webpage. Your posts automatically update and appear on BlogLovin', so it takes very little effort to share your website with others.
  • For Bloggers: Each view in BlogLovin' counts to your total stats and website analytics, so you know exactly how many people are actually reading your posts.
ProTip: For Bloggers who join link parties, I love using BlogLovin'! I created a group just for blogs that host Link Parties. Then instead of riffling through my notes or sorting through my inbox for party announcements, I can just check the latest posts from my Party Bloggers group and I instantly can join any party directly from the reader. 

Group the blogs you follow into any category you like, including Link Party bloggers,
to easily find what you want, when you want.

  •  To be fair, BlogLovin' is a newer website, so they are still working out a few glitches. Expect a few updates ahead as they are working very quickly to make the site more user friendly. For instance, right now profile pictures are imported from Facebook and might have some format problems, like my blurry picture does right now. However, I was assured by their support (who was very prompt and helpful) that the profile picture settings and guidelines will be updated within a week. Not a bad turn around! 
  • For Bloggers: BlogLovin' is great if you're a big blog. If you're a little blog, it's a little harder to promote yourself directly on their site (at least for right now). You have to announce that you're on BlogLovin' directly through posts (like this one) or through direct messages to your readers. The good news is that Blog Hops (like here) have developed specifically for BlogLovin' meet and greets, which is quickly helping to solve this problem. 

If you'd like to check out BlogLovin', here are some great blogs with tips for moving your Google Reader directly to BlogLovin' (here or here or here).

What's your favorite feed reader? Do you think Google with say goodbye to Google Friend Connect next?

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