December 29, 2013

Deck the Halls with Boughs All Nerdy

I'm always an advocate for being yourself, for letting your nerdy flag fly high. I apply that code to my life, my writing, my cooking, and my decorating -- even my holiday decorating! What's the point of decorating if it doesn't feel like it is comfortably "you".

This drive has developed into a bit of a theme on our Christmas tree. Perhaps this handful of ornaments just might amuse you. Care to take a little tour?

Star Wars Christmas Ornament - To celebrate our first anniversary together, I found a fabulous little shop on Etsy called Aphrodite Canvas that makes customized ceramic ornaments, plates, and other lovely items.

I searched and searched for a traditional "First Christmas" ornament in other stores, but they were all so predictable and cliche that it didn't feel like it was genuinely us. Then I stumbled upon the Aphrodite Canvas' designs with the Mr. and Mrs. R2D2 and I just adored it! How sweet to imagine a life-long love for the rambunctious little sidekick R2D2!

Origami Dinosaur Ornament - My sister-in-law found this pretty gem which combines my husband's favorite interests: art and dinosaurs! One hundred 80 degrees created a ceramic ornament shaped like a paper origami parasaurolophus.

They also sell origami penguins and snowmen. So adorable and crafty!

Godzilla Christmas Ornaments - When an ornament shop has two webpages just for sci fi designs, you know you've hit gold! The Ornament Guy has a slew of fabulous hand-painted designs for almost any movie, TV show, or cultural reference you can think of. The ornaments are both beautiful and nerdy.

My in-laws found this collection of Godzilla and Gamera ornaments at a local craft shop. My husband has been a fan of Godzilla and all rubber-suited monsters since he was a child. It was a fun gift full of memories that looks classy on the tree.

Zombie Nutcracker Ornament - Finally, this latest purchase won't be staying on our tree, but is destined for a zombie-loving friend's tree.

Precious Mutations is an artist based in Canada that came around to a local art and craft show this year.

When I saw the green face and eye ball dropping from it's socket, it was so grotesque and so hilarious, I just knew my friend would get a great laugh out of it year after year!

The artist had several designs of hand-painted nutcracker ornaments, all gory and bloody with lifeless zombie eyes, for the true zombie fans.

He also had several skull-faced Santas that would have great for a Nightmare Before Christmas inspired decor.

Every year, I plan to find more original and nerdy delights to bring beauty and laughs to our household!

Because being nerdy is all about joyfully embracing the hobbies, entertainment, and memories that make you happy. What better time to be happy than Christmas?

How do you decorate for your holidays? What personal details do you bring to your decor?

A belated Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy the food comas and after-party naps! I'll see you all in the new year.

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