February 8, 2014

Be My Valentine?

If Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by Hallmark to sell cards, then consider this my formal declaration of rebellion...or at least polite dissent.

Top 14 Quirky Valentine's Day Cards

This is hardly anything new. My husband and I have always preferred handmade notes of love instead of a corporation’s interpretation of acceptable emotion. Handmade cards are all about the personal and honest touch, admitting that bed head is never attractive, but that the love in this relationship is far more powerful. 

Nothing against Hallmark, since some of their cards are quite hilarious and endearing, but some levels of intimacy, honesty, and nerdiness require that personal touch.

The past month has been pretty nutty, so I’ve actually been contemplating buying a card. (gasp!) This might be a first in our nearly seven years together! Not ready to fully drop the authentic feel of a handmade card, I turned to Etsy and all of its magical wonders. 

Who knew they had so many clever, nerdy, and honest cards! Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you all.

Sappy and sentimental, snarky, clever, or witty? Which one would you chose?

 Weird Valentines Day Card pink red black cream white love calligraphy hand lettering

LittleLow - Her ode to that famous Dr. Seuss quote was a favorite card I stumbled across on Pinterest. She has some sweet, sentimental cards with great design.


Wit and Whistle - Her shop is clever, funny, and just a little bit morbid! 

Valentine Card. Funny Valentine. You feed my face

MOD by Mel - She's got you foodies covered...and all you snarky people too.

Funny Valentine's Day Card. Valentines Day Card. I'd totally shave my legs for you

PageFiftyFive - They do say honesty is important in a relationship...and this is quite honest.

Valentine Sushi Card- You are the Wasabi to My Life- You are the Spice of My Life Card

The Fuzzy Bee - For all of the foodies who know the importance of a good pairing.

Star Wars Valentine Card Printable // Yoda only one for me // Anniversary Card // INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Somebody Loved - Where my nerds at? Love Star Wars? Star Trek? The Doctor? Check out this shop!

Valentine's Day Card, Love Notecard, 4 1/2 x 5 1/2, Sappy, Romantic card (Cream, Black and Aqua) "I'll Stick with You".

Nightly Doodles - She has some funny, genuine cards with adorable graphics.

Simple Blank Card - Valentine's Day Card - I'd Make You Up - Love - Blank Greeting Card - Rustic - Brown - Black

Pockets of Film - ...then the voice inside my head and I could go on a real date!

Valentines Day Card. You're My Favorite Blanket Stealer. Folded Blank Vday Card.

Julie Ann Art - Ah Love! Turning even our worst habits into adorable little nuggets about you since the stone age.

Cute Dinosaur card - T-rex I love you this much, love card, Valentine's Day card, Anniversary card

Darkroom and Dearly - And what list of mine would be complete without a shout out to the paleontologist lovers of the world? And just about every other nerdy lover is included in this shop too.

My FUnny Valentine--With Expedited Priority Shipping to US Destinations-6 Funny Love Humor Cards And Envelopes--Funny Valentines Day Card

Breath of Fresh Stationary - For those who love clever word play and have a significant other who can read between the lines.

Anniversary Card for Him - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - You are my 42 - For Boyfriend or Husband

Panic Attack - All I need now with this romantic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference is a towel. On that note, this shop also had some hilarious cards from Big Bang Theory!

Praying Mantis Valentine Card, Funny, Insect, Weird, Unique, Offbeat for Valentines Day, Blank, 5x7 Greeting Card

Eliza Stein Design - Morbid and educational!

I'm So Glad We're A Thing / Valentine Card, Funny Love Card 191-C

Emily McDowell - Simple and so true. And isn't that all you really need for a Valentine's day card?

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  1. These are all so terribly adorable and fun. My favorite has got to be the feeding my face one. I love when he does that. My favorite EVER has got to be this one, though they've stopped taking orders because they have too many already:

    1. Hi Amy, I just saw that same card on Pinterest! It's a shame they sold out already. I really like their design!


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